Statement Regarding the change in fret boards on Rittenberry Steel Guitars  

In reference to the new fret boards being used on the Rittenberry steel guitars: the fret board was originally designed by Jimmie Crawford for the JCH steel guitar. Jimmie Crawford along with Duane Marrs were Gary’s mentors. Gary always admired the JCH fret board. In a couple of discussions that Gary and I had while he was in the process of building my JCH guitar after Jimmie’s passing, which was done with Elsie Crawford’s blessing and approval, we agreed on our mutual admiration of the fret board design on the JCH steel guitars. We felt it would be a fitting tribute to Jimmie's legacy if Gary was to revise the use of this fret board on his guitars and let it be known that it was being done in tribute with a “tip of the hat” to Jimmie.

It was then that Gary and I approached Elsie with our thoughts and desire to use this fret board design on Gary’s Rittenberry steel guitars. At this time an agreement was reached and Gary was granted the exclusive rights to begin doing so.
It should be noted that due to neck dimensions, although the same scale, the “new” fret board on Gary’s Rittenberry steel guitars are of a different size than the original fret board Jimmie Crawford used on his JCH steel guitars. Therefore they will not interchange.
Anyone wishing to obtain “new” JCH fret boards with the original dimensions can do so by contacting either Elsie Crawford or myself (Derek) with the serial number for their JCH through an email address that will provided on the tribute page to Jimmie and a CDs and instruction material page with ordering information on this website.